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Why does the vertical injection molding machine break down in time?

文章出处:台佑电子 | 作者:台佑电子 | 发表时间:2020-07-07

It is very common for vertical injection molding machines to fail because injection molding machines are mechanical. In the long-term operation of any machinery, there will be more or less fault behavior. Because the machine is composed of various parts, when some parts wear, the operation of the machine will have problems. This is a common mistake. But we can find that the failure of the injection molding machine is regular. Why is the breakdown of the vertical injection molding machine divided into time periods? Shenzhen Taiyou Vertical Injection Molding Machine tells you:

The failure of the vertical injection molding machine can be divided into three stages: initial failure period, intermittent failure period and loss failure period.

1. Initial failure period

The vertical injection molding machine is in the initial failure stage. The repair rate was high at the beginning, but the failure rate dropped rapidly over time. The initial failure period of mechanical equipment products is also called the run-in phase. The length of this period varies depending on the design philosophy of the product, system and manufacturing quality. The failures that occurred during this period were mainly due to defects in the design concept and manufacturing, or the harsh application environment.

2. Intermittent failure period

When the vertical injection molding machine enters the intermittent failure period, the maintenance rate is stable and tends to be a time constant. During this period, the failure is random. During the intermittent failure, the maintenance rate of the injection molding machine is low and stable, which can be said to be the state period or normal operation period of the injection molding machine. This stage is called a reasonable service life.

3. Loss expiration period

In the late stage of application of vertical injection molding machines, due to damage, fatigue, embrittlement, corrosion, etc. of plastic machinery parts, the maintenance rate began to rise. If maintenance is performed at the beginning of the turning point, that is, during the failure period, the repair rate can be reduced economically.

The three links of the vertical injection molding machine maintenance rate curve conversion truly reflect the conversion rule of the injection molding machine from the running-in phase, the adjustment phase, all normal operation phases to the repair or repair phase, improve the daily management and maintenance of the injection molding machine, and increase the intermittent The failure cycle accurately found the turning point and prevented the excessive maintenance or expansion of the injection molding machine in the maintenance category.



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