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Operation elements of vertical injection molding machine

文章出处:台佑电子 | 作者:台佑电子 | 发表时间:2020-07-07

In the plastics processing industry, Shenzhen Taiyou Vertical Injection Molding Machine is a kind of expensive injection molding equipment. The output of vertical injection molding products accounts for more than 30% of the total amount of plastic products. It has the characteristics of high production automation, short production cycle, strong adaptability and high production capacity. Except for fluoroplastics, almost all thermoplastics can be molded by this equipment. Relay) contactor control system is usually used for mold clamping, injection, holding pressure and mold opening of the original injection molding machine. The wiring of detection elements is chaotic, the reliability is poor, and the integration is low. In order to improve the function of the injection molding machine and improve the reliability of its production process.

The operation process of vertical injection molding machine can be roughly divided into: preheating, mold clamping, injection, calendering and holding, mold opening, top punching, flash evaporation and other processes. These processes are batch production processes, and each process can be controlled according to changes in time or direction. At different times or directions, the device's travel switch or proximity switch advocates the timer of the central processor to start timing. If the motion mechanism reaches the end point or the specified orientation within the specified time, the corresponding travel switch or proximity switch will be triggered, the system will consider that the execution of the action has ended at this time, otherwise it will stop the machine and issue a defect alarm. Because the vertical injection molding machine has many movements, some movements require skills, so multiple orientation control points must be set to switch parameters. In the process of time care, one after another is advocated, distinguishing the actions at the time, and after admitting that they are correct, opening or closing the corresponding implementing agencies and ending the routine actions. The entire production process has gone through seven processes, so this system can control the automatic end of these seven processes in turn.

The quality of the injection molded product depends on the manipulation of the technical parameters of the injection molding process, including the input variables of the simulation method, such as the barrel temperature, polymer melt temperature, screw temperature, mold temperature, injection system pressure, screw speed, etc. The digital variable method inputs variables, such as the continuous direction of the screw exit, the front and back direction of the injection seat, the front and back movement of the template, and overtravel, etc. The programmable controller technology was used to transform the injection molding machine system, overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional open-loop control method, and ending the closed-loop control, so that the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the programmable controller control method were greatly improved compared with the traditional method. It can not only control the switching logic, but also control the analog quantity (such as temperature, pressure, flow, speed, etc.). By closed loop with the help of keyboard and liquid crystal display or digital ladder diagram, the operation process ends. There are three kinds of ladder diagram programming methods: root instruction scheme; step-by-step instruction scheme; shift instruction scheme. Flash, you can set or correct skill process parameters, and have an early warning system and defect flash indicator to monitor the production process, and then greatly advance the function of the entire machine. The transformation cost of PLC control system is low, the construction period is short, the reliability and safety of the system are significantly improved, and it has certain application value.



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